Black Forest Torte

JWU College of Culinary Arts

1, 9-in. Torte (1, 23- cm Torte)

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US standard
Chantilly cream
1 lb.
454 g
Cake layers, chocolate
3, 9-in layers, 3/8-in. thick
3, 23-cm layers, 1-cm thick
Simple syrup, kirschwasser
3 oz.
85 g
Black forest cherry filling
4 oz.
113 g
Chocolate, dark, semisweet, shavings
1 oz.
28 g
Red cherries, glazed
As needed
As needed
  1. Gather all ingredients and equipment.
  2. Scale ingredients.
  3. Ice inside of a ring with chantilly cream, about 1/4-in. (.6-cm) thick.
  4. Place ring on cardboard circle (cut to fit the ring).
  5. Cut the cake layers in half and moisten with syrup.
  6. Using the seam of the ring as a guide, grasp half of the cake layer along the cut side and place it into the ring. The cut should line up with the seam and outside edge should touch the chantilly cream.
  7. Turn the ring 180 degrees and repeat step 6 with the second half of the cake layer.
  8. Using chantilly cream, pipe concentric circles on the cake layer. Pipe a dot in the center, a1/4-in. (.6-cm) bead around the outside edge, and finally a 1/4-in. (.6-cm) circle between the dot and the perimeter.
  9. Deposit the black forest cherry filling in between the lines of the chantilly cream to completely fill in the space.
  10. Give the ring a second turn and place the second cake layer in it. Press to level.
  11. Pipe a 1/4-in. (.6-cm) layer of chantilly cream on top of the cake, in a spiral pattern, from the center to the outside.
  12. Give the ring a third turn and repeat the process with the final layer. Level the cake layer as it is built.
  13. Fill the space between the top of the cake and top edge of the ring with chantilly cream and level.
  14. Refrigerate until firm, approximately five minutes.
  15. Unmold by setting the torte on a platform of a smaller diameter. Heat the outside of the ring gently by setting the torch or with a hot towel. Carefully slide the ring down.
  16. Repair any defects.
  17. Divide and mark 16 even portions.
  18. Using chantilly cream, pipe rosettes with a no. 3 star tube in the center of each portion 1/-in. (.6-cm)from the edge of the torte.
  19. Garnish the center of the torte and the outside bottom edge with chocolate shavings. reserve the largest pieces for the top and the crushed pieces for the bottom edge.
  20. Garnish the top of the torte with glazed red cherries.